What is Every Plate Full?

  • Every Plate Full is Canada’s largest food drive running from May 28-June 3
  • 860,000 Canadian’s visit food banks each month. At Hamilton Food Share we ensure that over 12,500 people get food every month.
  • Donations to food banks are low in the summer months, but the need remains high.
  • In the summer school-based meal programs aren’t available and child care costs increase, so the budget of a family experiencing food insecurity is strained even more.

Your donation will be doubled!

  • A local donor will match every dollar you raise for Every Plate Full.
  • For every $1 raised, instead of providing $5 worth of food, it will provide $10

How you can help

  • Individuals can sign up to raise money, join a team and raise money, or donate. You will have a customizable webpage to easily help you collect donations, distribute tax receipts, and spread the word through emails and social posts.
  • Businesses can engage their employees to create a team to raise money. Or, your organization can form more than one team to challenge each other.
  • It’s a DIY campaign: come up with your own way to raise money, whether it’s hosting an event, a bake sale, asking your friends to sponsor a crazy activity or dare.

Getting Started

  • To form a team or fundraise as an individual go to everyplatefull.ca and select Hamilton Food Share as the organization you are supporting. The page will look like this

Every Plate Full Registration Page

  • Here’s a handy video to help you create your fundraising page