Hunger Count 2017: A Snapshot of Poverty in Hamilton

Every year, Hamilton Food Share compiles data on local food bank usage in association with our member agencies. We want to know if more people are going hungry, for how long, who uses food banks and why.

Here are some key findings from the 2017 Hunger Count:

  • Food bank usage is increasing in Hamilton.
  • 4,592 children are among the 12,580 people relying on food banks. That’s an increase of almost 6% over last year.
  • 88% of households that live in market rental properties are high risk or extreme risk of becoming homeless.
  • The depth of hunger is increasing for people experiencing the greatness need. More people—33% more–need 16 or more days worth of food this year.
  • 36% of food bank users receive disability-related income supports in Hamilton. That’s double the national rate of 18%.

Read the full 2017 Hunger Count.

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“For hunger to be eliminated from the landscape of our community, the solution must incorporate economic justice as its outcome” Joanne Santucci, Executive Director, Hamilton Food Share