• Common sense and reality sometimes butt heads

    My friend has three case workers assigned to him yet he still lives in the ravine. Spring has arrived! Although you wouldn’t know it from the weather. The winter of 2013-14 has been one of the roughest on record, well, at least as far as I can remember. I’m fairly sick of it by now. […]

  • BIA wants seed money for mobile farmers’ market

    A proposal to roll out a mobile farmers’ market is looking for traction with city funding. The Ottawa Street BIA wants to launch a two-year pilot that would stock a food truck with local fruits and vegetables to sell in neighbourhoods lacking easy access to fresh food. The BIA needs an estimated $216,000. “As a […]

  • Survey provides disturbing snapshot of women’s shelters

    Women’s shelters blend so unobtrusively into the streetscape that most people don’t know they’re there. There are 13 in Toronto, for example. Some are Victorian mansions, others are former rooming houses, sanatoriums and suburban homes. Only a handful of women know their location. They guard the information closely to protect residents from vengeful partners, stalkers […]