• Hamilton Food Share's New Truck Back

    Delivering More Food for Hamilton Families

    Hamilton Food Share provides a lot of food each year–2.7 million pounds. Over half of that is fresh or frozen. The food is only half the story of what Hamilton Food Share does. The other half is picking it up and delivering it. Having a reliable truck on the road is the lifeline to provide food to […]

  • Hunger Awareness Week Sept 18-22

    Hunger is unacceptable. Yet, more than 850,000 Canadians will visit a food bank for assistance this month alone. Of those, 36% are children or youth. In Hamilton, 12,580 individuals in our community go to food banks for assistance each month in 2017. That includes almost 4,600 children. During Hunger Awareness Week, September 18-22, we encourage Canadians toengage. Hunger is […]

  • Summer Bulk Food Buy 2017

    Summer Bulk Food Buy

    It’s not your usual grocery day. To deal with fewer food donations and greater demand in the summer, Hamilton Food Share buys a lot of the staples that people need. This summer $146,132 worth of food was purchased from food industry partners contributing 58,453 lbs of food to the emergency food distribution network. A balance […]