• Summer Bulk Buy – Thank You City of Hamilton!

    (Pictured: Pasta sauce purchased in bulk for the emergency food network for Summer 2019) Every summer, Hamilton Food Share makes large bulk purchases of priority items for the emergency food network. Over the summer months, we see donations to food banks decrease while demand goes up because children are home from school and not accessing student nutrition […]

  • Hamilton Centre – 2nd Highest Rate of Food Bank Usage in Province

    A new interactive map tool released by Feed Ontario reveals that hunger and food bank usage exists in every single provincial riding in Ontario, with the riding of Hamilton Centre reporting the 2nd highest rate of food bank use per capita in the province. 12 in 100 individuals residing in Hamilton Centre are accessing a food bank […]

  • Healthy Food Policy

    Many times people are surprised to learn that more than 65% of the food we now provide to our member agencies is fresh or frozen and that we have a healthy food policy which means we avoid zero nutrition foods such as chips and sweets. We prioritize foods that make a meal such as produce, meat, grains […]