• Cash for poor: Mock trial finds Wynne guilty

    The two mock judges in blue robes and paper wigs listened attentively. Before them, a series of social assistance recipient “witnesses” told their stories about the impossibility of getting by on the money they receive. Rhonda Cascello testified at the mock trial of the provincial government’s social assistance policy that she worked as a personal […]

  • Use of food banks by post-secondary students rising: report

    A new report on hunger in Ontario says more and more university and college students are turning to food banks. While the numbers are still low compared to other populations, students struggling with debt and trying to get established with full time work are an emerging group of users, according to the Hunger Report for […]

  • Thousands in Hamilton need help this season

    A combination of cuts and economic conditions means your neighbours need you more than ever this year. Mario Biscak is a vital part of the complex machinery that puts the right gifts in the right hands each Christmas across a community that has always given from the heart, but is especially overburdened this year. This […]