• Survey provides disturbing snapshot of women’s shelters

    Women’s shelters blend so unobtrusively into the streetscape that most people don’t know they’re there. There are 13 in Toronto, for example. Some are Victorian mansions, others are former rooming houses, sanatoriums and suburban homes. Only a handful of women know their location. They guard the information closely to protect residents from vengeful partners, stalkers […]

  • NDP seeks balanced approach for minimum wage hike

    Ontario’s NDP leader Andrea Horwath chastised Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne for her minimalist wage help for the average worker trying to make ends meet. Horwath, who was touring the Hamilton area March 13 including Stoney Creek and the Mountain, said increasing the minimum wage needs to be accompanied with help for small businesses who will […]

  • East end food bank planned

    An east end community group says a new food bank serving their area is in the works. Brendan Tait, the group’s chair, says formal discussions will begin “as soon as possible” with St. Matthew’s House. “Six months is a very conservative estimate,” Tait said at a recent meeting at the Dominic Agostino Riverdale Community Centre. […]