• Banner putting names to female homelessness

    Prostitution, rape, violence, murder and suicide are just a few of the things that women endure as a result of homelessness. Yet more than 1,600 are turned away from shelters every year. That’s why the YWCA has organized a campaign to draw attention to the issue — one that measures 30 feet in length. As […]

  • Forgotten homeless are our national shame

    Addiction and mental illness lead to lives of quiet desperation. The sun was out in full force when I pulled up to the Wesley Centre on Ferguson North last Saturday morning. The usual crowd had gathered, mostly dishevelled men in raggedy clothes, mostly smoking. A young woman stood to the side, rocking from one foot […]

  • Food drive nets 75,000 pounds

    On a cold wintery day, 89-year-old Hamiltonian David Watts stood at his accustomed spot helping to deliver the hundreds of pounds of food donations into St. Johnʼs Parish Hall. He has been helping out the Ancaster Food Drive for 22 years, since the event began, and he isnʼt stopping now. “I have been doing it […]