• Hamilton’s poverty decline misleading, expert says

    While new national numbers suggest Hamilton’s poverty rate is in decline, a local expert warns the data should be taken with a grain of salt. According to the newly released 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) — which has replaced the long-form census — Hamilton is now ranked as the city with the 14th highest poverty […]

  • Poorest Hamilton neighbourhoods vanish from new census

    Hamilton CMA has 17 census tracts with missing data, second only to Montreal. The death of the long-form census has left Hamilton full of “black holes” of neighbourhood data, leaving out many of its poorest areas. According to a new report from the Social Planning and Research Council, that could lead to bad policy choices […]

  • Baby food running low at Neighbour to Neighbour

    Neighbour to Neighbour is down to its last 14 jars of baby food and has issued a “desperate” call for donations. The food bank is also running low on formula. “We’ve never been short on baby food in past 30 years that I can recall,” said Sara Collyer, Neighbour to Neighbour’s director of community food. […]