• Children make up a third of Ontario food bank users: Hunger Report

    TORONTO – More than 375,000 people use food banks in Ontario and a third of them are children under 18 years of age, according to a report by the Ontario Association of Food Banks. Although the total of food bank users are down compared to a record-high last year of 412,998, it is still higher […]

  • 2013 Food bank use persists in Ontario, report finds

    Ontario food bank use is down this year, but still above pre-recession levels, according to latest report. About 45 per cent of Canadians who rely on food banks live in Ontario, according to a new report being released Monday. And one-third of the 375,000 Ontarians who use a food bank every month are under age […]

  • Commentary: What is it we are waiting for?

    Social justice — a miracle for those in poverty — requires government and employers to act. I’m not big on waiting. I know people who are waiting for a miracle and I don’t even have the patience to wait for a bus. I busy myself until the very last minute and then dash out the […]