• Food-bank usage still near record levels in Canada, study says

    A broader recovery since the recession hasn’t yet trickled down to those at the bottom, with the number of people relying on food banks remaining near record levels. The number of Canadians using food banks fell 4.5 per cent this year from 2012, reflecting improvement in some regions, particularly the Prairies. But the annual count, […]

  • Canada’s food banks stretched to limit: report

    A new report from Food Banks Canada shows food bank usage is up 23 per cent since the 2008 recession, despite improved economic outlook. Being able to afford essential food has never been such a pervasive challenge for Canadians as it is now, according to a report released Tuesday by Food Banks Canada. Despite an […]

  • Number of Canadians using food banks still near record levels, study says

    OTTAWA — The number of Canadians using food banks has fallen off slightly but still remains near record highs almost four years after the end of the economic recession. The annual study by Food Banks Canada, scheduled for release Tuesday, shows that more than 833,000 people relied on food handouts during one snapshot month earlier […]