• Need is quite deep within the community

    Food bank demand is up 10 per cent over pre-recession rates. March is typically “the hunger snapshot” month for Hamilton Food Share, and this year’s version wasn’t a pretty picture, even if numbers were down slightly from 2012. A total of 7,420 families relied on food banks in March, 500 of them for the first […]

  • Local youth have edge on bleak employment front

    A new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives holds up Hamilton as a model of how to fight youth unemployment. To some, particularly jobless and underemployed youth, this might seem a cruel joke. They know too well that underemployment and unemployment can be like cancer, sapping hope. Many of our area’s young people […]

  • Opinion: Many seniors don’t qualify for extra benefits

    People on assistance need $100 raise now (Oct. 21). With regard to the article about people on assistance needing more money, have you considered what most pensioners receive? We worked at a time when there was no such thing as a pension plan. The story speaks about proper food — many seniors don’t buy healthy […]