• One in seven Canadian kids living in poverty

    967,000 children living in poverty — 24 years after federal pledge to eradicate it. Almost a generation after Ottawa’s vow to eradicate child poverty by 2000, national and provincial report cards show very little sustained progress. One in seven Canadian children — or 967,000 — still lives in a low-income household, according to Campaign 2000 […]

  • Hamilton digs deep for social service funding as province watches

    Hamilton may have to continue funding social service programs by itself beyond next year with the provincial government concentrating more on balancing its budget in the coming years. Ontario Municipal Affairs Minister Linda Jeffrey said in an interview the changes the Liberals made to the homelessness programs last year won’t be reviewed, and in fact […]

  • Mountain food bank welcomes farmer tax credit

    New law could mean more fresh produce for Hamilton food banks. Hamilton food bank users may be able to help themselves to more locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables next year. The Ontario government last week passed legislation that makes Ontario farmers eligible for a 25 per cent tax credit based on the fair market […]