What We Do

Hamilton Food Share takes healthy and good product deemed surplus and un-salable by food industry standards and redirects it onto the tables of the people who need it the most.

Our organization has been built from the energy of thousands of people from the food industry, Hamilton Food Share staff, and the countless volunteers whose time and goodwill help to get donated food onto the tables of the people who need it the most.

Building partnerships in the food industry establishes a gateway for continuous food donations and each dollar raised keeps on working in support of families who go hungry in our community. Such support is the most cost effective means of supplying the needs of emergency food programs. Once a relationship is established with food companies each dollar raised sustains the gateway of food donations from major food donors.

Last year, Hamilton Food Share raised and distributed over 3.35 million pounds of food, of which 65% was fresh or frozen.

According to the Hunger Count 2019, 13,000 people use a food bank each month in Hamilton. Over a third of those needing food banks–5000–are children.  A donation made to Hamilton Food Share benefits hungry people throughout our community since we provide food for emergency programs in every corner of the city.