Buying Groceries for 12,500 Neighbours

Peanut butter, eggs and ground beef purchased in our summer bulk buy.
A grocery day for 12,500 needs something a little bigger than a grocery cart.

That’s how many people use food banks in Hamilton each month.

To deal with fewer food donations and greater demand in the summer, Hamilton Food Share buys a lot of the staples that people need.

This year the focus of the annual bulk purchase has been on protein. Peanut butter, tuna, beans, ground beef, fresh chicken, eggs and frozen fish are at the top of the grocery list. Pasta, pasta sauce, rice, cereal, cooking oil and fresh fruits and vegetables were also secured for Hamilton families.

The food that is purchased are items that are in high demand and is purchased in bulk at deep discounts from food producers, processors and distributors.You can find a complete list of the most needed items on our Food Drives page.

The summer season is the time that Hamilton Food Share makes its largest purchases. Students out of school and not accessing school nutrition programs along with fewer food drives at this time of the year combine to have a significant impact on the amount of food available during the summer months.

With pooled resources from member agencies through the City of Hamilton and donations from the community, as well as from organizations like RBC and the Hamilton Community Foundation, the summer bulk buy is a grocery shopping trip like no other during the year. Such co-operation stretches precious food bank resources to help ensure no one in Hamilton goes hungry.

Food is needed throughout the year. If you want to help provide food to our neighbours in need, you can donate here.