The Christmas Registry provides a listing of supports available in the City of Hamilton to help ensure as many people as possible will be able to enjoy Christmas. It is coordinated by The City Of Hamilton, Hamilton Food Share and The Emergency Food Network operating in Hamilton. Christmas hampers are provided directly by the agencies listed on this page.

Download the full 2019 Christmas Brochure here.

Brochure Translations 

(Arabic) بمناسبة الأعياد، بنك غذائي مجاني ومساعدة بالوجبات الغذائية 

(Pashto)د خوراکه موادو مجانی بانک د رخصتیو په مراسمو کی

(Farsi)مرکز غذایی رایگان (مجانی ) و کمک غذایی در روزهای رخصتی (تعطیلات)

(French) Cliquez ici pour des informations détaillés

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