Hamilton Centre – 2nd Highest Rate of Food Bank Usage in Province

A new interactive map tool released by Feed Ontario reveals that hunger and food bank usage exists in every single provincial riding in Ontario, with the riding of Hamilton Centre reporting the 2nd highest rate of food bank use per capita in the province. 12 in 100 individuals residing in Hamilton Centre are accessing a food bank every month. Even more alarming, of the 12,300 individuals who visited a food bank in 2018, 4,103 were children.

On a typical day in Hamilton, over 700 people will cross the threshold of a food bank seeking help, where 70% derive their income from provincially funded ODSP and Ontario Works. “This map should set off alarm bells,” says Joanne Santucci, Executive Director of Hamilton Food Share. “The hunger gap is growing and will continue to do so without a meaningful provincial anti-poverty strategy.”

To access the interactive map and to learn more about the report’s findings, please click here.