How is Hamilton Food Share responding to COVID-19?

Hello Hamilton,

What an amazing city we live in! While a tsunami of calls are coming in from housebound residents asking for help, we have also received many calls from concerned residents asking how they can help us with our work of supplying food to people in need which is why I wanted to update you today.

We’re Working Closely with the City of Hamilton

The City of Hamilton, through the Emergency & Operations Committee, is working so hard to keep us all safe. They are also resourcing activities to aid our residents in dire need.  A challenge we are now experiencing is the number of sick, elderly, infirm or injured who need help with food and cannot physically get out of their house. Hamilton Food Share is collaborating on the development of a plan with the City of Hamilton to reach the most vulnerable among us. We look forward to updating you and we are eager to begin this initiative.

Food Banks are Open

For people who can get to a food bank, most of the food banks are open under a modified format. You can also go to our website to see which food banks are open, as unfortunately a few have temporarily closed. Of course situations are always changing, and we will ensure the status of operations at each food bank is updated daily on our website.  Please also note that while there are systematic plans being developed, there are also small initiatives being carried out by caring neighbours who are making a difference across our city.

Cash Donations are the Most Helpful Right Now

If you want to help and don’t know what to do, please consider making a donation through our websiteEvery dollar you give will be directed to feeding people. Our people.  Every time you give people will eat. We would never go door-to-door asking for food or financial donations and the only phone calls you will ever receive from us are to say thank you for your generosity!

My Heartfelt Thanks 

To the hundreds of supporters who have reached out with help, THANK YOU!  My heart is so full from hearing your words of encouragement and direct support. To our housebound neighbours who are wondering if help will come, please know that you are our top priority. We are currently building a path to your front door. 

Please Stay Connected

We will be posting all news and changes as we know them. News of a food hamper delivery program for the aged, infirm and sick is coming soon. Please keep checking our website and follow us on social media for all the details relating to our response to COVID-19.
Stay strong Hamilton. Look in on your family, friends, and neighbours.
Most of all, be safe. I’ll be in touch.


Sincerely yours,⁣



Joanne Santucci,
Executive Director
Hamilton Food Share