Financial Contributions

Why give a financial donation?

Hamilton Food Share believes in measurable results. We want our donors to know the impact of their donation. At Hamilton Food Share, every $1 donated raises $5 worth of food. With a return like that you can be confident your gift will make a difference!

What are the benefits of giving to Hamilton Food Share?

A donation to Hamilton Food share benefits hungry people throughout the community.

What are other advantages to giving financially?

The most nutritious food is found in chilled and frozen product. To get children ready to learn they must eat nutritiously. A refrigerated truck and an industrial van are utilized to procure food in any size from a dozen boxes to 12 pallets at a time. Equally as vital in raising nutritious food are the industrial freezer and industrial sized cooler. The result of these critical additions has enabled Hamilton Food Share to increase the variety and volume of donated food raised annually.