Ideas on How To Use Your $25 Loblaw Card

Sliced Bread

There have been many calls and emails about the announcement that Loblaw Companies will be providing $25 grocery cards to compensate Canadians for overcharging on bread.

Many people in our community will need to use the card to feed themselves. $25 means a great deal to the over 12,000 people in Hamilton who must use a food bank.

When the plan was announced, people on social media suggested that the cards be given to food banks. At Hamilton Food Share, people ask us if we can use the grocery card?

The short answer is: YES!

If you are able to donate it, there are 3 ways to help:

  • Use the card to buy your groceries and donate $25 via cheque or online. Your $25 donation will help provide $125 in food, plus you will receive a tax receipt.
  • Send the card to Hamilton Food Share or any of the member agencies in the Hamilton Emergency Food Network. The list is located here on our website. Some of the agencies are able to give the card to people using their services. We can also use the grocery cards to buy some items that are not often donated in large quantities.
  • Buy the most needed items with your card and donate them to Hamilton Food Share.

To receive the $25 card, customers were asked to register online. It’s simple to register if you haven’t already. Visit the Loblaw Card website to register and for all details on the program.