Most Needed Food Items

As we enter the month of December, many schools and workplaces are holding their own food drives in support of Hamilton Food Share. We wanted to take this time to remind you of some of the most needed food items across the Emergency Food Network. Healthy non-perishable items including:
1. Sources of Protein (Meat based soup, stew, chili, canned fish, nuts/seeds, peanut butter, beans)
2. Dairy Products (Powdered milk, milk in tetrapaks including soy and almond)
3. Grains (Rice, whole grain cereal, pasta, oatmeal)
4. Vegetables and Fruits (Canned vegetables, canned fruit packed in water, pasta sauce, sugar-free jam)
5. Personal Care and Household Items (Diapers, hygiene products, household cleaning supplies)
In addition to this list, baby food and formula (with at least 8 weeks from the expiry date) are items we are always in need of as well as monetary donations that can be leveraged to provide 5x the amount in food to the Emergency Food Network.