Opinion: Many seniors don’t qualify for extra benefits

People on assistance need $100 raise now (Oct. 21).

With regard to the article about people on assistance needing more money, have you considered what most pensioners receive? We worked at a time when there was no such thing as a pension plan. The story speaks about proper food — many seniors don’t buy healthy food because they don’t receive enough money. Remember also that the same seniors saved money to enable their children to have a future. We seniors pay a portion of our prescriptions, plus $100 every year to the government to allow us to co-pay.

We seniors worked hard for our families and our country. We don’t qualify for the extras like ODSP, Ontario Works or social assistance. That means we don’t get benefits that those on assistance receive, such as prescriptions, hearing aids, glasses and so on. We pay for our own transportation, public transit or disabled trans, where available. If it’s not available, seniors pay for taxis out of our pockets.