Summer Bulk Food Buy

Summer Bulk Food Buy 2017

It’s not your usual grocery day.

To deal with fewer food donations and greater demand in the summer, Hamilton Food Share buys a lot of the staples that people need.

This summer $146,132 worth of food was purchased from food industry partners contributing 58,453 lbs of food to the emergency food distribution network.

A balance of fresh and nonperishable foods including meat, cheese, fresh produce, beans, tuna, peanut butter and pasta is purchased and distributed by Hamilton Food Share every summer. The food is purchased in bulk at deep discounts from food producers, processors and distributors.

The food that is purchased are items that are in high demand. You can find a complete list of the most needed items on our Food Drives webpage.

The summer season is the time that Hamilton Food Share makes its largest purchases. Lower food donations and an absence of food drives have a significant impact on the amount of food raised during the summer months.

Food is purchased periodically throughout the year with a combination of pooled resources from member agencies through the City of Hamilton and donations from the community. Such co-operation stretches precious food bank resources to help ensure no Hamiltonian goes hungry.