• Food donated by local grocery companies

    Reducing Food Waste in Hamilton

    The value of food loss and waste in Canada is estimated to be $31 billion a year. Of that amount, about half of the loss occurs before food makes it to people’s homes, while the other half is food that consumers throw out after purchasing. To put it into perspective, that is almost 30% of the value […]

  • 1959 Labour Day Parage

    Labour Pitches in to Help Hamilton Families

    Labour is a vital part of Hamilton’s history, culture and economic life. Dating back to the 1870’s and the Nine-Hour League, proud union members helped to build the city we live in today. When Hamilton Food Share was founded almost 30 years ago, it was with the financial assistance of the Steelworkers who helped get […]

  • Peanut butter, eggs and ground beef purchased in our summer bulk buy.

    Buying Groceries for 12,500 Neighbours

    A grocery day for 12,500 needs something a little bigger than a grocery cart. That’s how many people use food banks in Hamilton each month. To deal with fewer food donations and greater demand in the summer, Hamilton Food Share buys a lot of the staples that people need. This year the focus of the […]