Thank You Walmart! We Love Our Forklift

To celebrate 6 months with our brand new forklift we wanted to share some fun facts about the impact that this forklift has had on our food and warehouse operations to date.


200 km travelled (That’s all the way to Peterborough!)


1000 pallets lifted. 


500,000 lbs of food moved. 


The forklift allows us to stack pallets on top of each other and can easily maneuver through smaller spaces, maximizing food storage space in our warehouse and refrigeration unit. This improved operational efficiency has increased the amount of perishable food we can safely acquire and distribute throughout the emergency food network, resulting in even more people being fed.


We are grateful to the Walmart Foundation and Food Banks Canada who enabled the purchase of this piece of equipment. The forklift has allowed us to move even more healthy food to the people in our community who need it the most.