Hunger Count 2018: Food Insecurity and Poverty in Hamilton

Every year, Hamilton Food Share compiles data on local food bank usage in association with our 12 member agencies. The Hunger Count tells us who needs food, how often and what their reasons are for using the emergency food network.

Highlights from the 2018 Hunger Count:

  • The number of people turning to food banks increased last year to 12,619.
  • Almost 2 in 5 people relying on the emergency food network in Hamilton are children. That’s up 1% over last year.
  • 86% of households that live in market rental properties are at high risk or extreme risk of becoming homeless.
  • 38% of people using food banks need more than 5 days of food each month.
  • Over 1 in every 3 food bank users receive disability-related income supports in Hamilton. That’s well above the national rate.

Read the full 2018 Hunger Count.

From Joanne Santucci, Executive Director, Hamilton Food Share, “Living in poverty means choosing between the necessities of life; medicine or food, a place to live or feeding your kids, heating your home or eating that day. After struggling to cover the basics, come payday, there is no ‘nice to have’ on your household list – only what you can afford. For too many, too often, food will barely make an appearance on that list.”

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