Theatre Aquarius Cast & Crew Raise $60,000 to Supply Local Food Banks

For the past seven years at Theatre Aquarius, the cast, crew and audiences of the holiday show have raised money to help provide food for families in need through Hamilton Food Share. After each performance actors still dressed in their character from the play simply asked patrons to help struggling families who may otherwise go hungry. The recent production of Beauty and the Beast was sold out and audiences were generous.

This year, Theatre Aquarius raised $60,000 for Hamilton Food Share.

For every dollar donated, Hamilton Food Share can provide five dollars worth of food. The $60,000 donation this season will raise $300,000 worth of food for emergency food programs (food banks and hot meal programs) across the city. Over this seven-year partnership, Theatre Aquarius has raised $246,600 which has created $1,233,000 in food for people in need through Hamilton Food Share.

“Theatre Aquarius is so grateful to our cast, crew and musicians who made this campaign such a tremendous success,” says Theatre Aquarius General Manager Lorna Zaremba. “It is the dedication of our artists and technicians and the extraordinary generosity of our audiences that have driven this campaign year after year. We are very proud of our connection to Hamilton Food Share and their outstanding work in the community.”

“Actors already sacrifice so much for their craft, to help people in need like this is a true testament to their giving hearts when they stay late to help out like this,” says Joanne Santucci, Executive Director. “I am truly humbled by the level of generosity from Theatre Aquarius audiences who love this city and want to ensure no one goes hungry.”

Hamilton Food Share supplies 2.4M pounds of food each year to 11 food banks who provide food for Hamiltonians living in poverty. Local food banks report 20,000 visits per month.